Usb vid 19d2 pid 0307

Usb vid 19d2 pid 0307

1. Скачайте необходимый файл. Розархивируйте его в какую-нибудь директорию.

2. В диспетчере устройств выберите устройство, которое требует установки/обновления драйвера.

3. Правый клик на этом устройстве и выберите — обновить.

4. Укажите директорию с распакованными файлами и нажмите ОК.

Library to access MTP players (Mp3 players, Android Phones)

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#818 New device VID=19d2 PID=0307

VID=19d2 PID=0307 "ZTE V880E"


  • status: open —> closed
  • assigned_to: Linus Walleij


This device has been added to the libmtp database in GIT.
You can verify it by browsing the database here:

If you want to test your device with the new support added in
GIT, refer to making a GIT check-out:

You can further help us with libmtp by identifying if this device
needs some futher special device flags. If a device has "siblings"
in the database (similar devices from same manufacturer) we
often add default bug flags like its closest siblings, and sometimes
this is right, sometimes bugs have been fixed so it’s wrong.

If you have problems installing and linking the library refer to
the INSTALL file:

For Android devices: notice that these often have SEVERAL device IDs,
not just one. Usually all combined USB modes (like MTP+MSC, MTP+modem,
MTP+ADB etc) have their own device ID. This is because Windows cannot
handle a VID+PID changing functionality on-the-fly. (Linux can, BTW.)

Our database contains 2 drivers for USBVID_19D2&PID_0307. For uploading the necessary driver, select it from the list and click on ‘Download’ button. Please, assure yourself in the compatibility of the selected driver with your current OS just to guarantee its correct and efficient work.

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