Скины для half life 1

Скины для half life 1

Модели игроков — изменяют стиль и вид игры делая ее более новее и красочнее. Неудивительно, ведь игре уже более 18 лет.

Gordon with black suit

Textures By Whiskas Model By RezWaki

T-800 playermodel

Textures By Whiskas

Minimalistic Pack v4

New minimalistic pack: v_ weapons remade + doomguy redblue playermodels; old textures

Minipack HLTV style

HLTV stylized minimodels & blue/red playermodels By RezWaki


Gordon just came back from hell to get you onto stalkyard 🙂 Model By RezWaki


Valve | Sierra Entertainment | Released 1998

Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve’s début title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

multiplayer map box-deathmatch

my multiplayer map: there are many batteries and first aid kits there are secrets and many weapons.

gman m4a1 model

do you know the g-invasion mod? well it turns out that the hands in that mod have the gman hands.BUT, there ain’t any hd pack models well this addon sorts.

Modified ‘skill.cfg’ without using cheats

this "modified skill.cfg without using cheats" scripted by Rainbowdash98


A lot of time passed, and after 20 years the russian team of hackers managed to hack valve servers and found it.

Hellspikes Riddick Blade on Jennifer!!s anims

This is hellspikes knife for opposing force and is made on jennifers anims and can be found on the trusty crowbar facebook page so just copy and paste.

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LeonelC HL2 Citizens & Zombies

This is leonelC’s hl2 citizens and zombies pack found on the trusty crowbar facebook page but the link to download it on there is not working so thankfully.

Alpha/beta weapon models

This patch brings some alpha/beta weapon models for half life so if u know when will the modder create this mod say him these models because the remake.

Hopelessness — High Definition Pack Fix

Replaces all LD models in Hopelessness and Hopelessness 2: Afterlife to their HD counterparts. Do not install this unless you already have the High Definition.

Terminate Command — Sources

Source files for a mod I was making with a friend.

[PM] Gargantua for Half-Life 1

Simply Gargantua improved version by Thunder4ik Credits to: BWL Development

Paul Blart

Ah i gotta say that mall security job is lookin pretty good right now. This is the mall security or Paul Blart for otis from the movie mall cop, enjoy.

HL Residual Life Zombie Crab

This is a zombie crab found in hlrl as an easter egg in one of the vents in the start of the mission, enjoy 😀

dmc 3 soundtrack

Devil May Cry 3 Soundtrack in Half-Life 1 This Party Gettin Crazy Let’s Rock .

John Wick Soundtrack

This soundtrack is for half payne black ops you can try use it in other mods if you want

The duct map

I don’t know if anybody will remember this map. was here on moddb already 2015, had stupid textures basically.

Improved High Definition Pack — FULL VERSION (Reuploaded)

Fully updated (but not official) version of classic Half-Life High Definition Pack, both with original and new models and sprites.

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Half-Life — LD Weapons Reanimations pack (Remake) V1.0

Finally, it is done, took me A while huh? here it is version 1.0

Civ Scientist UD

This is request that i did by Aryaryan so this is 4 packs of civilian scientists for blue shift, enjoy 😀

Half life 2 hud beta

Half life 2 Hud is beta ok friends and its not gonna be finished


5491 polys 😮 author unknown. Installation: put the files in your Half-Life/valve/ folder

Adidas life skins 😀

Russian gang, here we go Every weekend make it boom.

HECU Remodel Reskin Shittys

This is the reskin and remodel of the HECU and it contains zgrunt and zombie soldier have fun and enjoy 😀

Residual Point-Life Npcs

This is npc models from half-life residual point and half life residual life mods and its now able to be used in mods and half life and its expansion.

Special ops

This is the special ops addition for mods and half-life so i hope you enjoy 😀

Half Life Reanimation Pack HD

These are reanimated weapons for hl 1, but only in HD

This pack removes the stock Blue Shift , Opposing Force and Half-Life

Two NPCs I recolored and edited a while ago

These date back to 2015, I always wanted to upload them but I wasn’t able to find them on my hdd, apparently they were sitting in a lot of subfolders.

Trusty Miscs

This is the miscs of trusty r1chards packs and it includes some extras for mods and half life so yeah, enjoy 😀 PS it is also found on the trusty crowbar.

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Trusty Pack — Afraid of Monsters Weapons Pack

This is the AOM weapons pack made by r1chard and others and is found on the trusty crowbar facebook page, enjoy 😀

Trusty Pack — Point Of View v2

This is the version 2 of trusty pack ud pack for half-life point of view and can be found on the trusty crowbar facebook page, enjoy 😀

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Модели игроков — изменяют стиль и вид игры делая ее более новее и красочнее. Неудивительно, ведь игре уже более 18 лет.

Luckpack. V2

This pack was created: Nurdik© This pack was created according to the personal taste of the author and do not judge strictly if you did not like something, you can always change them. And this pack is INTENDED FOR ADRENALINE […]

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