D link main console

D link main console

Случилось, что забыл я пароль от софтины D-ViewCam

все настройки маин консоли.
в ветке
можно добавить удалить доп камеру или удалить.
В ветке
можно убрать пароли пользователей (если забыли)
Вчастности в ветке
имя и пароль админа, если обнулить пароль нужно параметру Password присвоить значение 0000

В общем проблему это решает, думаю она не у одного меня возникла, поэтому удачи всем админам!

  • Product Status (Revision A): Live Live

The DCS-100 D-ViewCam Video Management Software is a free comprehensive surveillance system that lets you centrally manage up to 32 network cameras, while displaying real-time information. Map Mode allows you to create maps based on camera location and orientation, and the Device Tree lists all the connected cameras for easy viewing. Lastly, support for the latest H.265 compression format provides the best quality and performance for critical applications.

Video Recording & Playback

The DCS-100 D-ViewCam Video Management Software offers scheduled, motion, and manual recording options to meet specific user demands. Recorded files can be searched according to video type or selected within the user interface for playback, editing, or AVI /ASF file conversion. Additional features such as auto-patrol, rotate, zoom, and focus provide administrators with optimal control over the cameras’ video surveillance.

Event Action Configuration

Event Action provides enhanced surveillance and security by detecting events from smoke detectors, magnetic door sensors, emergency buttons, cameras, card readers, or other I/O devices. Start by connecting any of these devices to the I/O connector of a compatible D-Link network camera. When an unusual event is in progress, a trigger is sent to D-ViewCam, which then sends notifications by e-mail or sounds an audio alert so the administrator can respond immediately to the emergency.

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Video & System Database Backup

The D-ViewCam Video Management Software’s Playback function allows users to load and play a recorded file on a Windows PC. D-ViewCam Video Management Software allows users to monitor a live feed on one computer while watching a recorded file on another. The DCS-100 also provides a utility (DB-Tool) to reconstruct, repair, or relocate the databases in a local drive, external drive, or network drive. It also supports the import/export of configuration files – enabling users to synchronise surveillance settings across devices.


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How to setup the D-ViewCam Mobile app with a PC running D-Link D-ViewCam?

The D-viewCam mobile app allows you to view live feeds and playback recorded video from your NVR or Running D-ViewCam software using your Apple or Android Smartphone.

Note: D-ViewCam must be installed and running.

Step 1: Launch the D-ViewCam Software on your computer

Step 2: Click Settings > Network Services

Step 3: Under the Main tab, press Start to start the Network Server (needed for D-ViewCam mobile to connect) and click OK.

Minimize D-ViewCam (It must still be running)

Step 4: Download the D-ViewCam Mobile App from the Apple or Android App Store and launch the App

Step 5: Click on the + icon on the top right to add your D-ViewCam instance.

Step 6: Enter your D-ViewCam software Credentials

  • Server Name: This is an Optional name for your software (Used to easily identify specific D-View Software instances)
  • Server Address:Enter the IP address of the computer running D-ViewCam
  • Note: If using the APP within the same network enter the private IP address of the computer running D-ViewCam (e.g. 192.168.0.x)
  • If using the APP remotely (over the internet or through 3G/4G) you would need to enter the Public/Internet IP address of your Router/Firewall.
  • If using a D-Link router, this can be found under the Status Tab of the routers setup page.
  • Contact your router manufacture or IT administrator for further assistance.
  • Live Streaming Port: 5150
  • Playback Server: 5160
  • Username: Username used to access your the D-ViewCam Software
  • Password: Password used to access your D-ViewCam Software
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    Note: If using the D-View Cam Mobile APP over the Internet/3G/4G you will need to open the Live Streaming and Playback Server ports on your router/firewall to allow access.-á Ports 5150 (TCP) and 5160(TCP) are required. (See below for instructions how to open ports on a D-Link router)

    Step 7: Select your D-ViewCam instance

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